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Globalization and the high demand of foreign products from different parts of the world have contributed to the proliferation of international transport companies in all countries. Every day, millions of products are imported and exported all over the world and the ease of getting a product from one country to another in a few hours is amazing if we compare it of how it was a few years ago.

International transport companies

At DIR Logistics, international transport company, we know the peculiarities and the necessities that require the international transport and we are up-to-date of the novelties and new legislations that affect this activity. There are several essential elements that contribute to the improvement of international transport:

  • The infrastructure: the orography, the geographical accidents (mountains, valleys, oceans …) natural or artificial routes and the terminals.
  • Operations: Depending on the amount of means of transport, operating units (trucks, boats, airplanes …) and operators of these units that intervene in each transaction
  • Services: Those that include both individual and corporate suppliers and their users, are also individual or companies (importers, exporters, marketers …).

According to the customer’s need, the conditions of the transport routes, the urgency and the modality of the product the international way of transport will be one or the other:

  • International road transport
  • International maritime transport
  • International air transport
  • International courier

DIR Logistics, International Express Transport, Courier, Parcel and E-Commerce Services covers all these routes, which allows us to adapt to the client and be flexible. Our main objective will always be to know characteristics of the product to be transported such as:

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Content
  • Value
  • Fragility

With all these factors we will be able to assess and advise our clients which is the most optimal way for the final destination of its products. It is for this reason that DIR Logistics, Express Transport, Courier, Parcel and E-Commerce Services is one of the best companies of international transport due to its corporative philosophy.

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      C/ Cobalto, 75. 08907. L’Hospitalet.
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