• DIR Logistics, is formed by a network of professionals and partners who have the most advanced means to plan ... 
  • Transport in all its forms, road, sea and air, will help you increasing the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Messaging is our flagship product, the urgency is a challenge to meet, and with our team, information technology and communication, we guarantee deliveries.
  • If you have an e-commerce or online business, DIR will help you discover the key to success for effective, safe and controlled sale of your products.  



DIR was born in 1990 with a clear objective: to offer our customers an optimal service in logistics, e-commerce, courier and express delivery in local, national and international territories. To do this, we use the best technological advances in terms of vehicles, communications, data transmission, storage methods and logistics. 
We know that security is vitally important, so we have invest a large number of resources in the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks and in civil responsability policies. 

We are backed by our customers and our work well done, and that’s reason for us receiving several awards and certifications: 

 - Certification by the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001
 - Company ranked with highest degree by the Generalitat de Catalunya
 - Founding member of the Courier Guild 
 - Postal operator and transport operator.
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  • A DIR We have 70 warehouses for storage logistics throughout the Spanish territory. We take care of the storage needs of both our customers’ products and goods.
  • We offer A 100% comprehensive logistics service to our customers, so that they only have to focus on their business. We deal with globally managing and processing all shipments.
  • Our technological infrastructure maximizes the efficiency of the preparation and shipping process for national and international services.

  • An efficient packing service is key to deliver shipments on time and in perfect condition. We take care of packing, sealing, protecting and labelling all parcels before shipment.

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National and International transport
  • DIR is an international transport company with express parcel service. We offer an extensive experience in import & export by land, sea and air, of any kind of products.
  • We offer flexible solutions for courier and express freight. We support you with the latest technological developments in the sector.
  • Our Courier App, is a free app for iPhone and Android, that enables you to comfortably check your contracts, status, and track k your shipment in real time with geophencing data.


Local and international delivery
  • Immediate collection and delivery within the regional area. Door to door service. 
  • Collection and delivery of shipments throughout the national territory with wide range of services.
  •  Discover our mobile application for tracking shipments in real time with geophencing data. Available on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Our stat-of-the-art geophencing system allows the geotracking of our couriers, ensuring their presence at all delivery destinations in case of absence when delivering to your customers. 
  • Discover all the benefits of our interactive website in our Customer Area (please Log in!). Ask everything you need.
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  • Integration modules for the main web solutions, to improve the profitability of our customers in their e-commerce web projects.
  • We offer an application both for iPhone and Android devices with extra functions for e-commerce projects, customer care for tracking and ordering shipments.


  • We are a flexible and dynamic company, synonymous with quality and reliability at the hands of Juan Carlos Darriba as General Manager since 1990.
  • Our headquarters are located in Barcelona, Calle Cobalto 73. Here, we receive and classify all the parcels, to proceed with the distribution among our capillar network, in order to be delivered to destination. 
  • Our marketing department is a fundamental tool for the business development, new customers, new services… Due to the marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, the company has reached a 20% annual growth. 
  • Responsible for verification, refunds, billing and risk. Its main objective is to establish the relationship with customers in terms of accounts, risks, debts and refunds with our national and international agencies. .
  • Cornerstone of the organization. It’s one of the departments with the highest resource investment. The traffic department has all the technical and computer means to enable the most efficient distribution for every service that we offer. 
  • All our staff takes part of an ongoing detailed training program in terms of safety, performance, transport, distribution, e-commerce and management. Every training course ensures compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 y OSHAS 18001 standards.
  • We optimally apply all safety measures for the prevention of occupational hazards.
  • We support various organizations and NGOs since 2000, economically and with their projects (Doctors of the World, TV3 Marató…)
  • In 2000 we started the development of our Quality Management Program to comply with the required criteria of UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 y OSHAS 18001 by DNV and TÜV Reindland, with regard to express delivery, courier service, distribution and door-to-door logistics on local, regional, national and international level. 
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